Monday, September 13, 2010


This is Project -1 for my Self Image and Metaphor painting class. The project is called "Self Portrait with Object of Ambiguity from Observation."

My Mother and Mark

The object I chose is a silk pashmina that Marmar bought for me in San Francisco and gave to me on a visit a few weekends ago. Pure silk, pure love. My mother has a large collection of pashminas to chose from to wear to work everyday. So this fabric is like a little piece of both of them, the two people I trust and love most in the whole world.  Pure comfort. (This is also the first oil painting I've done in a loooooong time, so at least I had comfortable subject matter to offset any anxiety I had about working the materials.)

And with the explanation, there goes the ambiguity. 

Here is a detail:

Just look at the contentment!

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