Sunday, April 25, 2010


Here are some of my paintings: (By the way I am willing to sell any of them.)

Still-life (2010)

Here is the kitchen sink. A "still-life." That is in quotations because this is not something alive being still. These things are always still. Figure painting is more a still life because a human is living, just still in the painting. When doing this sink painting, I was really stuck on that term. So I thought that, if I were to do a still-life, it should be like a snapshot of my life. Nothing purposefully composed. Haphazard evidence of a living thing. So dirty dishes yet to be washed at the end of the day seemed appropriate. Apparently I really had nothing but coffee and water that day. That is unusually clean for my sink.
Imperfect Barrier 1 (2010)

I was looking at Janet Fish for this one. Look her up if you need to. Even if you don't need to. Especially the ones of all the glasses layered up. Beautiful. Anyway, this is obviously having to do with hurricanes and hurricane preparedness. I'm originally from the greater New Orleans Area, and the only time we had bottles of water was if a hurricane was a-coming. These things that we do to prepare ourselves do not actually help. That was proven during Katrina. All the waterbottles and sandbags in the world won't make a magical shield of protection from danger. As for the color palette: you know how the sky almost turns green right before a bad storm? Beautiful.

More of my paintings to come.


  1. Hope you're eating more than coffee and water most days. Great paintings, Sally